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Without participation from kind-hearted persons, our school would be definitely impoverished and unable to make ends meet. Not everybody has the desire to give and your ability to do so makes you a unique agent of change in the children’s lives. Thank you as you prepare to bridge social differences, inspire a sense of social responsibility and bear witness to the complexity and diversity of children experience.


We are fund raising for the following projects:

The following are the needs at a glance

  • Purchase of cleaning and sanitization materials.
  • Purchase of health and safety materials.
  • Construction of fixed and purchase of portable hand wash sinks for the dining hall, classrooms, boarding houses and compound in general.
  • Construction of additional toilets in girls and boys boarding house in compliance with safety and health regulations.
  • General renovation and maintenance.
Our partners in Germany


We have above normal incidences which call for preparedness in terms of keeping health issues in check. Probable injuries that call for emergency treatment include: burns, snake / insect bites, falls, food poisoning just to mention but a few.
We need help with:

a) Staff Training – KSh 5,000 (Euro 44) per person per year

b) Supplies –

(i) Medicines
(ii) Bandages
(iii) Information materials such as books and brochures
(iv) First Aid Kit Items


Child maintenance benefits the child directly and helps us in our mission to educate a child to become independent. A clean and smart child is self-confident and able to deal with social issues on a higher level. Torn uniform and shoes affect the physical appearance of the child and unfortunately the inner-self. Be a part of helping us cater for this need so that we can be able to focus on imparting knowledge on a smiling and happy child.

Child at School

Books – We are continually in need of library books. We need text books, readers, main lesson books, dictionaries and reference books.

Help us by buying uniform/shoes and a bag for a child – We aim to keep clean uniform, unfortunately most of these items need replacements on a regular basis.

Shoes – KSh 2,500 (Euro 22)
Uniform – KSh 2,400 – 3,000 (Euro 21-26) a set
Bag – KSh 1,500 (Euro 13).

Support us for school trips – Our local sites offer valuable learning experience. Visiting these sites is essential for children. Click here for current trips.Current Trip Proposal

Pay for a Child’s Transport Fees – The range is KSh 5,200 – 7200 (Euro 45 – 62) per month per child depending on the distance from home to school.

Help us with some stationery – We offer creative education where stationery such as colour pencils, paints, erasers, rulers etc. are an essential part of learning. Donate as little as KSh 500 (Euro 5 ) for an item as little by little, it all helps fill the bucket!

Child at Home

We have a boarding facility which offers a wonderful home environment for our children. It helps a great deal to make them comfortable for learning. Due to prevailing financial circumstances of their parents, most children are not well provided for in the following areas.

Clothe a child today – We constantly need clothes and shoes for our children who are growing very fast. Give us money to buy these items to keep them presentable and confident at all times.

Blankets and bedsheets – A comfortable bed means deep and healthy sleep for all. A well-rested mind and body is ready for learning. Donate for a blanket and a pair of bedsheets-KSh 2,000 (Euro 18).

Help us keep Malaria at bay – Mosquito nets are a huge need for us especially due to our physical location. Health is very important for our children. With KSh 1,000 (Euro 9) a quality mosquito net will be bought.

Buy some toiletries for a poor child – For good grooming, soap, toothpaste, pads, tissue papers and towels are necessary. Cleanliness is a basic requirement for growth and development.

Help us keep our children busy with games – A child here will be happy to be engaged with fun activities. In and outdoor games would perfectly broaden their thinking capacity. Scrabble, table tennis, chess and much more would do wonders.

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.
It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.

— Nelson Mandela

We are building and running a school for disadvantaged children. The poorest children are being offered access to a better education.
Many of the families cannot provide their children’s basic needs and therefore cannot afford to contribute money for any other need yet there are many other crucial needs.

Payment Option

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Commercial Bank of Africa

Galleria Branch

CBA Ksh Account: 6433850018

CBA Euro Account: 6433850052

Accountholder: Steiner School Education Trust



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